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Holon Healing

Energy healing through nature and sacred ceremony

About Holon Healing

Holon is a term that means "Everything is a whole within a whole."
Healing  defined means "To make whole again."


Holon Healing refers to the knowing that as we heal ourselves, we heal the world through our wholeness.

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The summer of 1998 changed my life. I'm sure I was always destined to be where I am now, but my first job as a Back Country Crew Leader was the catalyst  for a life dedicated to work that provided connection with humans and the natural world. A life dedicated to guiding  people to step out of their comfort zones and into their power, strength and deeper knowing through the perfect conduit of the elements in nature.  I am a practicing Reiki-Shaman, Forest Therapy Guide, Yoga Instructor and Maine Guide. My passion and life purpose is to guide others on their journey towards a deeper connection to self, each other and the natural world around them.  I believe that as we heal past wounds and shed the lies of societal pressures, we can come back to our wholeness.

Holon Offerings

Forest Therapy Brooke.HEIC

Forest Therapy

Holon Healing offers a variety of Nature and Forest Therapy: Forest Therapy Walks for individuals, couples and groups. Canoe-Coaching focused on mindfulness and self-inquiry. And guided wilderness trips by a Registered Maine Guide. All types of Nature Therapy are designed to re-establish a truer sense of  overall health and well-being. 

Divorce Ceremonies™

What if we were to change the narrative about divorce? What if we had the opportunity to honor what was, let go of any shame of "failure" and consciously create positive closure, release and intention setting for the future? What if we were to do this not only for ourselves, but as couples, families and communities?

Reiki-Shaman Sessions

Reiki-Shaman sessions blend two ancient forms of energy healing to locate and transform past trauma held within the body. Shamanic practices and traditions focus on the oneness of all things and use natural elements as well as connection to spirit guides to assist in healing.  Reiki healing brings in light energy focused on our seven power centers to help with the healing process.


Mack is without a doubt an absolutely  stellar  Forest Therapy Guide.  Her presence and attitude were 100% reassurring -- never did I feel pressured, rushed or judged and I thought her shared insights diplayed a true excitement about the natural world. Well worth it.

~Eric, 30~

I cannot speak highly enough of Megan-Mack and her work. I wasn't sure what to expect, but as soon as I met Mack I felt at ease and eager to explore a new therapeutic practice. I came to the walk with overwhelming stress and grief in my life and left with overwhelming joy, gratitude  and connection with the natural world. Do yourself a favor and take a Forest Therapy Walk with Megan-Mack -- you'll be amazed and tranformed by the experience.

~Jamie, 35~

I have tried numerous techniques to shed deep trauma from my past. Nothing has felt so cleansing  and purifying as my Reiki session with Megan-Mack. I feel I now have a new lease on life.

~Kathie, 55~

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