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Forest Therapy

Holon Healing Provides Forest Therapy Walks and Canoe-Coaching Excursions for individuals, couples and groups.  A Forest Therapy Walk is a guided meander through the forest to re-establish a truer sense of  overall health and well-being.  Forest Therapy focuses on the senses to be our bridge of connection to the natural world. As I guide your walk my job is to help you connect with the true therapist; the Forest. I do this by providing interactive invitations, allowing for the  connection between human participants and the natural environment to enhance and grow. This connection has been proven to create profound changes for both people and nature.  Essentially, as your guide I act as a conduit to assist participants to drop into their liminal space by reacquainting them with not just their 5 major senses, but also the senses we have long forgotten. The idea is to find and maintain one’s liminal space. The liminal space is the space in between, “what was” and, “what’s next”,  the space where all transitions happen. While being in this state it enables individuals to better interface with the healing powers of nature. Getting out of our thinking mind, and into our senses, the gap between humans and the natural world dissolves, restoring our innate desire for balance, peace, and oneness. 

Canoe-Coaching is a term I coined a few years back to describe the unbelievable conversations that take place while in a canoe with someone. As your guide, I not only guide you in the boat, but I guide you through a Nature Therapy session. Nature Therapy sessions combine mindfulness practices and emotional/mental investigation.

Forest Therapy Walk 

• 2 hour Guided Walk

• For individuals or groups

• Snack included

Cost: Individual or Couple- $75 -$95

            Group 3+ - $35 per person

Canoe Coaching 

• 2-3 hour Guided Canoe Excursion

• Individuals Only

• Snack and equipment included

Cost: $145


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