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Divorce Ceremonies™

A marriage is a birth of an entity born from the hope and commitment of two people to see the marriage through until completion. It used to be common to say the words “til death do us part” during a marriage ceremony and those words couldn't be more true, but maybe not be in the sense we heard or spoke them. Everything that is given life must die. The ending of a marriage is a death and sometimes that death comes with a physical death of one spouse, but just as often that death comes when one or both parties realize the time has come to say goodbye.  Through this farewell there becomes space for a new birth.  Birth of new beginnings, a birth of new intentions, a birth of reclamation. 

Most people by the age of 15 have been affected by divorce in one way or another. Be it a close friend, relative, parent, or by personal experience; divorce has shaped parts of who we are and how we show up in the world. It is time we, as a society, to bring divorce out of the shadows of shame and into the sweet process of human evolution and healing. 


Divorce Ceremonies are for all our healing. Let me guide you through an honoring of what was and what is to come. I blend shamanic practices and forest therapy to create a sacred space for release and intention setting. I will help you design and build the perfect ceremony to help you through this major life transition. It’s time we re-write the story of divorce and find time to celebrate life’s journey, gather our loved ones and children and create a future we boldly step into.

Divorce Ceremonies 

• 3 one-on-one virtual or in person intention sessions

• Ceremony lasts roughly 2 hours

• Ceremony

Cost: $370

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