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Shamanic Reiki

I am a Master Reiki-Shaman Practitioner. Shamanic-Reiki blends two types of healing traditions. Reiki, is an energy practice to assist the flow of healing energy, light and vibration; to-and-from one's body by focusing on major energy centers within, and surrounding the chakra system. In Japanese the word translates into "universal life force." Shamanic practices and traditions focus on the oneness of all things and use natural resources to build upon the existing connection of humans to earth, sky, ancestors, animals and spirits. I am not a shaman, however through my extensive travel and training with Indigenous Shamans and current Shamanic Practitioners; I weave many universal Shamanic practices into my healing sessions. This 90minute session will guide you to open your energy centers, help heal old wounds that have been stored in these energy centers and will assist your light to shine the reflection of your true vibrant self.

Shamanic Reiki Session:

• 2 hour session

• Energy work for cleansing and balancing

   Cost: $120

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