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Holon Healing began 3 decades ago when I didn’t even know that holon was a word, let alone everything that my heart was speaking to. I had just been hired as a backcountry crew leader in Colorado and discovered my life’s calling to guide people towards a deeper connection to self, each other, and the natural world. Through the years this calling has taken shape as a Facilitator, Guide, Teacher, Mentor, Builder, Director, and Creator -- all within the limitless possibilities that nature provides for us to experience and heal. I am completely honored to use my skills, life passion and gifts to hold space for individuals, couples and groups to discover their endless ability to heal, grow and connect.

In 2017, as I was working on my PhD in Ecopsychology I stumbled upon the word "holon" that changed my life forever, or rather, finally made all that I have done so far, make sense.  I remember the very moment I read the word and the definition; "Everything is a whole within a whole."  Over the past 5 years I have consistently and constantly been reminded of this fact, be it by reading, my spiritual practices or just living.  Everywhere I turn I must acknowledge that we are complete and whole, and yet, we are also apart of something greater than ourselves. We are apart of a relationship, family,  work force, community; and without our participation, the whole of that entity would not be the same. Holon Healing refers the idea that as we heal, we become a version of wholeness that is more settled, healthy and peaceful, thus all that we are apart of becomes the same. Holon Healing - As we heal ourselves, we heal the world with our wholeness.

My vision is that one day - sooner than later, Holon Healing will become a place where healers gather and offer their services to those in need. And let's face it, we ALL can use more healing. I see Art Therapists, Recreation Therapists, Reiki and other energy workers all gathered together with the vision of a more healed world. I want to open the doors of communication and cooperation to allow accessibility for healing on a deeper level. Healing that is outside the mainstream doctor's office - healing that is trauma informed and held within the body.

If you know of someone, or you yourself would like to offer your healing services, let's talk. 

Holon Healing

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Megan Mack Nicholson
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